The find-and-replA/Ce menA/Ce continues…

I talked about it already (here). Without doubt, the find-and-replace option is a handy tool for a copy editor. Here is an example of another instance when the tool was used thoughtlessly. Long live copyediting!


Oh No, Mr Venn, Not Again

We copy editors are always on the lookout for information. Not as aggressive as Google, which accesses and stores every bit of information that comes its way (quite literally), copy editors look out for information that they need. It could be the spelling or usage of a word, checking facts, certain styles specific to the … Continue reading Oh No, Mr Venn, Not Again

Endashes reach out to hyphens…

I confess – I learnt endashes and emdashes only after I became a copy editor. In my previous post, "I have wondered what difference will it make when a reader sees an en dash." For very long, I doubted if there is any reader – OK, when I say any, I meant any reader who … Continue reading Endashes reach out to hyphens…

Try this exercise on “however” and “though”

One of my blog posts that bring in several new visitors is "however vs. though". So I thought I should share some example sentences with you all. You may try to find out whether the sentences are correct and punctuate accordingly. More precisely, use "however", not "though" to mean "however"; use "though" when "although" is warranted. … Continue reading Try this exercise on “however” and “though”

Adjectives: Beware of suffixes -ical and -ic

One of the ways to form an adjective is to add the suffix ~ic or ~ical. There is no clear rule about when to use which. As a rule of thumb, many of the older nouns have the ~ical adjective, while most of the newer ones have ~ic suffix. The suffix ~ic or ~ical means … Continue reading Adjectives: Beware of suffixes -ical and -ic

British vs. American spelling

Ensuring consistency in spelling is one of the housekeeping kind of editing tasks for a copy editor. Even though Microsoft Word provides a large array of English options, the global publishing world is divided between – or should I say, united by – two variations of English spelling: British spelling and the American spelling. In … Continue reading British vs. American spelling